Keean Afrasiabi


Who Am I?

Hi there, welcome to my portfolio. I am an almost completely blind photographer and digital artist from Los Angeles, CA. Since I recently gradated from California Lutheran University with a bachelors in Business i plan to make this my career and journey throughout my life.   

Why I Do What I Do

Being legally blind has left much of my life blurry, but with my camera and computer it can be seen in its full clarity.  My work is how I choose to show the world and why computer graphics are such a heavy influence.  Over the years the world I've seen is beautiful but I choose to give it my own take and add elements that could never exist.  

Fields of Work

I primarily design my work for advertising, more specifically athletic subjects.  Showing motion and a unique take on a specific sport or environment.  Being able to have the familiarity of a sport like soccer but designing a unique environment or angle can keep a campaign looking fresh.   



E-Mail or Call: 1-949-616-5413