Keean Afrasiabi


Who Am I?

Hi there, welcome to my portfolio. I am an almost completely blind photographer and digital artist from Los Angeles, CA. Since I recently gradated from California Lutheran University with a bachelors in Business i plan to make this my career and journey throughout my life.   

Why I Do What I Do

Being legally blind has left much of my life blurry, but with my camera and computer it can be seen in its full clarity.  My work is how I choose to show the world and why computer graphics are such a heavy influence.  Over the years the world I've seen is beautiful but I choose to give it my own take and add elements that could never exist.  

Fields of Work

I primality design my work for advertising, more specifically athletic subjects.  Showing motion and a unique take on a specific sport or environment.  Being able to have the familiarity of a sport like soccer but designing a unique environment or angle can keep a campaign looking fresh.   



Intervew with Keean Afrasiabi: A Legally Blind Visual Artist & Photographer

"With most things, I kind of know my limits - there are certain jobs that I know I can't get. But for the things that I know might be possible, I never say it'll never happen. I say, 'I might get there.'" Keean Afrasiabi is a legally blind photographer and retoucher based in Los Angeles.

Meet Valley Photographer, Retoucher, Graphic & 3D Designer: Keean Afrasiabi

Today we'd like to introduce you to Keean Afrasiabi. Keean, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? Getting my first camera at the age of 17 wasn't much different from how others may have started, it was when I started analyzing my photos on the computer that [...]


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